Friday, March 3, 2017

What's in My Lunch Bag?

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Have you ever played that game at a shower?  The one where they ask who has foreign money in their purse or who has a pair of tweezers? etc.  Well yesterday we were at lunch and a little firstie had a good looking sandwich. I politely asked him to ask his momma if she could make me a sandwich everyday because he didn't want to know what was in my lunch bag. This prompted our music teacher to ask, "What's in your lunch bag?" Are you intrigued?  Do you want to know?

Here is goes:
Lorissa's Kitchen Chicken Teriyaki Chicken Jerky
Rice Krispie Treat (My second one because I had the first one for breakfast... healthy, I know)
Baked Cheetos (That's a win, right? I mean they're baked)
Swedish Fish
Sweet Tarts
Extra Watermelon Gum
Lemon Drops (remind me of my grandma)

I need an eating coach....... bad!

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  1. Your post made me laugh!
    I love candy! I love candy too much!