Monday, October 7, 2013

Goals... still going strong...ish :)

So.. I've had a few goals this year. 
1.  Put eyeliner and mascara on everyday so people don't think I'm dead or dying.  :)  CHECK!
2.  Dry my hair everyday so it doesn't look like a rats nest.  BOO!  I folded on this one the 2nd day of school. It was just too hard and too hot so my hair dried in like 30 seconds outside anyway.  :)
3.  We would pray everyday before we left for school.  CHECK!  For the most part, we stand in a circle, in front of the door holding hands and say the Our Father and Angel of God prayer I posted a few weeks ago.  Some days we are.... late getting out the door, so we pray in the car.  It works out just fine and my heart sings when the girls say, "Let's Pray!"  :)

Also, our youngest who is 3, said the Our Father in church this past Sunday so loud, it was so cute.  She knows about half-ish of the words, but it's so adorable to hear them coming from her mouth.  When it's finished, she looks at me and says, "Angel of God?".  :)  SO, for the next few weeks we will continue to say the Our Father, but then we will change to the Hail Mary.  I know these are all memorized prayers and ones that I grew up on, but I feel this is a place to start with our girls.  Once these prayers are known, I'd love to move into prayers that come from their hearts because you never know what their hearts will pray for.  :)  I'll keep you updated!

Other than that, we've been B.U.S.Y.  There is something always happening around here and when it's not, we love to get in our jammies and snuggle up to watch a show or read a story. 
My great friend Karen bought these shirts for us.  Our youngest got her shirt for her birthday and wears it like... EVERY.OTHER. DAY!  She LOVES that shirt.  Anyways, when I put it on, she squeals and says.... "Super Girl????!!!!!"  It's so darn cute.  And I know what you're thinking. BUT I DID remember to go up and put on eyeliner and mascara after this picture was taken.  :) 

From our BROWN eyes to yours......