Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wednesday Wowza!

Wowza is all I can say about the dumping of snow we received last night.  We are currently on Snow Day #8!!! EIGHT, you read that right.  I'm am completely and utterly tired snow, cold, and ice.  I'm looking forward to the 90's, sun, and swimming!!!!!  :)  Well... we will be swimming tonight, but it's not the same. 
So what do you do on snow day #8 you ask????  Why... Blizzard Bag #2 of course.  BOO!!!! One does blizzard bag, one writes a story and the other traces her nickname.  :)  That's not really my wow, but when all three can be working at once and no one is yelling at each other, I guess that is a wowza!!!
Last night catching snowflakes with our tongues


Here's the story our middle wrote.  In my class we are reading Mo Willems books and if you can read them... DO. He's sooooo funny.  So we talked about how she could write a story that is "inspired by" one of his stories (what we are going to do in my class next week).  She wanted to write a story called "The Pigeon Wants to Play" which is inspired by his The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog book.  I use this organizer in my class so I was excited to try it out on her kindergarten mind.  Worked well!

"A playground"

"Maybe somebody is here"


My WOWZA is this..... Picture this... Sunday night..... I know it was the super bowl, but that's not the important part. :)  I made dinner (yes, yes, I did. For all that know me that's an accomplishment), we sit down to eat.  First, we pray.  Then, my kiddos start digging in to the new, yes I said new, recipe I tried.  It was my aunts rice casserole.  Here's the wow.... THEY LOVED IT!!!!!! At least two thirds of them loved it.  The youngest just said, "I no like that" without even trying.  Our oldest even went so far as to say it was the best thing she's ever eaten!  I beat out pizza and chicken nuggets!!!!  (I was doing the mommy happy dance in my head) 

So that's my WOW for this week!  Do you have a WOW??? Link up with my Curious Firstie Teammate Em at our teaching blog by clicking on the picture below.  :)

From our snow covered BROWN eyes to yours....