Monday, July 6, 2015

Rewind Day... I Wish!

Do you ever wish you could take a day and just hit the rewind button? This summer there have been a few days I've wanted to rewind.  Some for no particular reason except that I just want to make it a little better.  Some because they needed to be made much better. 

As a woman and more importantly a mama, I feel like I'm never enough.  While I know in my mind this is not true and I am enough in the eye's of the Lord, I can't help but feeling this way more often than not.  When our girls are picking at each other and just can't get along, I feel like I've not set a good enough example or that I've not taught them correctly. Or when it's chicken nuggets, hot dogs, cereal, pizza rolls, etc. for dinner....... again.  Not good enough.

One day I hope these feelings will disappear, especially when I take a look at these three little ladies and all seems right with the world.
I'm not sure when this day will come along, but until then I will know that the Lord loves me for who I am and the mama I'm trying to be so desperately good at.

From our Brown eyes to yours....