Monday, January 25, 2016

The Perfect Shell

While on the sandy beaches of Cayo Costa, my daughters and I had a great time shelling.  There are some of the biggest shells I've seen there!  As we were walking on the beach, we were constantly scanning, trying to find that perfect shell.  I started to think... what makes a shell perfect for picking. So I asked our middle daughter, Amelia.  She said, " It has to be smooth, no cracks or breaks, colorful, and cool."  So we kept looking. Then, I started to feel bad for all those poor shells that would never be picked because they were not quite "perfect".  Then, I picked up one.  And then another. And then, my daughters and I were all on the lookout for the imperfect shells.

I started to think then about life..... how we're always in search of the perfect everything.  Perfect life. Perfect body.  Perfect man. Perfect kids. Perfect family. Perfect job. Perfect..... everything. But there is so much to be said about that not perfect shell.  There is still beauty in the broken shell.  The colors, the lines, the texture, they can be gorgeous.  I'm an imperfect shell, but I'm trying to love my imperfections.  I'm loving our imperfect family, our imperfect life.  I'm embracing and loving being an imperfect shell.

Are you still on the search for the perfect shell?  Give up. Go for the imperfect one.  They are much better and will still bring you lots of joy. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunshine Love

We just returned from a MUCH needed Christmas vacation in the Sunshine State.  And it did not disappoint. Our vacation had no shortage of sunshine and warm, humid temps.  I was in heaven! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sun and to be on a beach, in the sun..... dreamy.  

Where we stay once the sun goes down, it's pitch black.  I mean feels like 10pm at 6pm, pitch black. So, the girls (unknowingly) went to bed pretty early each night and then once they were up, we were at 'em.  We alternated beach (Sanibel, Ft. Meyers, Coquina) and pool, visited The Shell Factory, Greenwells, Cabbage Key, Cayo Costa, Matlacha (the cutest little town EVER), and watched many beautiful sunsets.  Here's a little peak into our vacation. 

Cabbage Key 
 This is an island where you can eat and it is said that Jimmy Buffet got his inspiration for "Cheeseburger in Paradise".  I know why..
Sunsets... they are just breathtaking.

One little house in Matlacha had this ADORABLE sign hanging outside the house.  We had to stop and take a picture of it!

 The end of one of our Ft. Meyers beach trips.

 Isn't this gorgeous?  This is the Gulf of Mexico.  We took a boat to Cayo Costa and this was our view.  We never wanted to leave. 
Our girls are still begging us to go back and quite frankly, I would.  It was VERY hard to leave.  We LOVE you Florida!!!! Do you have a favorite place to vacation?

From our Brown eyes to yours....