Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I "eed" You!

Today......   Went to bed a little late (only because I can for a few more weeks...boo), youngest woke up when the Mr. left for work at 4 AM!  When I went in to soothe her, she was on the floor. Ooops.  Guess she fell out of her toddler bed.  Bad Mom.  I scooped her back up, gently placed her back in bed with her blankets and bear named Triangle. (She had mad naming skills. )  :)  Finally fell back asleep and she woke me up again at 8 with an "I eed you".  Again.... don't know what that means, but the two cutest girls jumped in bed with me.  :)  Only for a few moments because snuggling to them is climbing all over me, feet in face or stomach.  Not.so.fun. for momma.
We had a pretty good day.  I cleaned the bathrooms....... always fun. Then, we played outside for a little bit until our Grandma B. arrived!  The girls are super excited.  She's giving me time the next few days to get in my classroom.
Our gym started Insanity.  It's such a GREAT workout!  I'm like DRENCHED in sweat after the warm-up!  It's only offered two days a week, but I'm loving it!  My girls ask why I like it and all I can say is, "I'm insane". hahaha  They just chuckle at that response. But SERIOUSLY it's an AMAZING workout.  I wish they offered more than two days a week. 
Not really sure that the workout worked since we went to Fricker's for dinner with Grandma B.  I mean... Kids Eat Free all day, everyday and with three little ladies, who can pass that up?!?!?!  Also... tonight was 40 cent wing night.  YUM! 
This was a little random, but random can be good.  :)

From our BROWN eyes to yours.....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Busy-ish Week

I was blessed-ish this week by being able to spend EVERY.WAKING.MOMENT with my girls.  NO BREAK except for naps. Which could classify as a break..........or not.  :)
This week the Mr. was working nights.  UGH!  It was probably more ugh-y for him.  It was a blessing because we had LOTS of laughs, hugs, kisses, and adventures.  Here's a few pictures of our week.

From our BROWN eyes to yours....

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mommy and Daughter Dates

This past week I spent a little, well deserved, alone time with each of our brown-eyed girls!  Normally, it's me and the girls from the time they wake up until the time their little brown eyes close.  (I can hear someone up right now...)  :)  So I told my hubs that this week, I wanted to spend a little alone time with each little one.  I wish I had pictures of our dates, but my camera on my phone has stopped working.....  that's a story for a different day.  So I'll include some fun pics we've taken over the last week. 
I let each girl choose what day they wanted to go out and what they wanted to do.  Our middle went first which great for her.  We went swimming and got ice cream.  Then, when we got home we snuggled a little and she "showed" me how to play Temple Run.  :)  Our date was great but not.so.great for daddy.  Our youngest was not happy I was leaving without her and she threw up 6 times when I left.  oops!  Sorry Daddy!
Snoopy's Splash Dance
Our oldest went next.  She chose to go shopping.  I said, "what?"  That's what she wanted to do.  So... that's what we did.  A trip to Half Price Books, Pet Smart, Justice, Michael's, Target and McDonald's for caramel sundaes! :) 
The fruits of our labor!  150 pieces later.  :)
Finally our youngest just ran an errand with me.  We went to JoAnn's and then Pet Smart.  She had so much fun looking at all the pets!  We laughed and laughed at a few of those fellows.  They were so lively! 

Trying on hats!

It was funny that the two oldest (our youngest is almost three so she just isn't there yet) said it was so quiet in the swagger wagon.  Our oldest was just like.... "It's just so quiet with you and I.  Usually it's so talky."  :)  Each of them enjoyed our time alone and so did I!  It was so nice to be focused just on one child versus being pulled in three directions.  It was also nice to not feel like a bobble head looking around and counting to three constantly.  :)  So, I need to keep doing this.  Taking time to focus on each child one-on-one because that time is so meaningful.  Our two oldest ladies asked me when our next dates are because they can't wait!  Me either...

From our BROWN eyes to yours.....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Little Catch Up!

Where has the time gone?!?!?!  Yikes!  We have been busy this past week with taking Sici to CFP everyday, recess duty, trying to fit in a run or two.  I took an Insanity class at the gym this week and LOVED it!  :)  It was so much fun!  I was sore for a few days, but it was a good sore. 

For some reason (probably lack of naps) our girls have been on each other's nerves this week.  This morning Our middle and youngest were already at it at 7:30 AM!  So I took our youngest and we went out for a quick run.  The girls and I spent some time at the pool with each other and saw a beautiful butterfly that hung around for quite awhile.  I couldn't help but thing it was my grandma just checking in on us. :)  She LOVED butterflies.  I remember taking her to the Butterfly show at the Krohn Conservatory.  I miss her so much. 

Today we also went to a Book Release party!  My friend Karen and I submitted a proposal for a Freezing/Melting Lesson for the Even More Picture Perfect Science and we were chosen!!! It's been almost three years (and honestly I had forgotten about it), but we are so excited to be actually in.a.book!  :)
This girl also put herself in timeout. hahaha
I also made this for school.  Always thinking about school.  :) 

From our Brown eyes to yours...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Childlike Faith

This week our oldest is going to a CFP class (Christian Formation).  Each morning they are having a prayer service that parents are allowed to attend.  It was really sweet.  At one moment, I found myself with tears in my eyes when they were singing "Christ Be Our Light".  My youngest put her hands in the air and was waving them with the music.  It was just the sweetest thing.  She was singing (her own words) and just had the childlike faith that the Lord wants us all to have. 
Each night we've also been reading Heaven is For Real
Product Details

Have you read it?  I am reading it with all our girls although our oldest seems to be the most interested.  Back story.... When my grandma passed away in March, I didn't know how or what I would say to our girls.  So I went to the Family Christian Bookstore and they suggested a few books.  Heaven is for Real for Kids
Product Details
is one of the books she suggested.  It was PERFECT for my little ones.  It is about Colton Burpo, a child who went to heaven when he was dangerously sick with a burst appendix.  The way the book is written is VERY child friendly and gives children a view into heaven from a child who has been there.  Our oldest immediately wanted to read Heaven is For Real.  I have been enjoying it just as much as she has.  Anyway... we are on a chapter where they talk about how Jesus REALLY loves children. Colton keeps repeating this and his father who is a pastor, talks about how Jesus wants us to have a childlike faith.  When watching our youngest at this prayer service, I saw it.  There was no, "What is everyone else doing? What if someone sees me?"  She was just in the moment of praying through song.  It was beautiful.  And I only hope that I can loose myself a little and love and pray with a childlike faith.

From our BROWN eyes to yours,

Monday, July 8, 2013

Potty Training and Picnics

Potty Training.... yuck, yuck, YUCK!!!!  My almost three year old started using the potty, but she I just stink at it!  I mean I ask the girl if she has to go a bagillion times I take her there, she sits, and says, "I good try mommy."  Then... she looks up at me, huge smile on her face and says "I go pee in my pull up." 
Any ideas?  In a few weeks we'll be going back to our babysitter and she is the MASTER at potty training.  I mean she potty trained our oldest in 1 day.  She looked at her and said, "I'm not doing this anymore (changing her pull ups). "  She was potty trained from that moment on.  :)   Our middle woke up one day and said, "I'll go potty now".  I can probably count on one hand the amount of accidents they've had between the two.  Our youngest.... whole different story. 


Don't let this cute little smile fool you.  She can grow horns in less than a second!  :) 

We've also had a few picnics this summer.  One which took place on our front porch.  I know what you are thinking... hillbilly!  And... You're right, I wouldn't argue with you.  I just love watching my little ones together and then they start yelling at each other and I think..... is it time to go back to work yet?!?!?!?  :)  Really, I'm enjoying almost every second with these adorable ladies. 

On a side note.. I saw this picture when I was looking for other pics for this post and it makes me laugh out loud!  This is my dad and if all my sisters didn't wax our eyebrows, we would for sure look like this card!  :)  Thanks to my dad.  Love you and your brows! 

From our BROWN eyes to yours,

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Any Advice?

I LOVE all our girls more than I can even put into words.  They bring me joy everyday, but there are times when they bring me....... not.so.much.joy.  Like today....(side note)
 our youngest is potty training, can I get a woot, woot?!?!?  Well, the girls were eating dinner and she just pinches our middle.  Out of the blue, for no reason! Makes me CUH-razy!  Here's our conversation:

"Did you pinch your sister?"
(shakes head yes)
"Why did you pinch your sister?"
"I's mad."
"Why were you mad?"
"I dunno"
"Children who are almost three know."
"I's mad.  I want ice cream."

WHAT?  You pinch your sister and you want ice cream???? SERIOUSLY?  I know what you're thinking... I gave in, but NO I DID NOT. No ice cream for you!  She just does random things like that and it drives me crazy!  She always admits to it which is helpful, but still makes me nuts.  We've done time-outs, consequences, etc.  but what do you do?  I know she's only almost 3, but I'm sure we are going to be called into the principal's office one day to pick up our "sweet little princess". 
So I ask... what would you do?  Any advice besides giving her to the sheriff?  :)

From our Brown Eyes to Yours,

Monday, July 1, 2013

I'm a Coward

I am!  We visited Kings Island the other day and I saw a man doing something not so great. Completely disgusting. In the moment so many things passed through my mind like... What do I say to him?  Do I say anything?  I have my two little ones with me.  What if he does something crazy (he was drinking a beer)?  Should I tell the person?  What if that starts a big fight?  What do I do, what do I do?

I said something, not that he heard me.  I have been thinking about that moment and what the Lord would have wanted me to do.  He stood in front of people professing his faith and I could not do something about this incident.  I am a coward.  I didn't teach my girls anything.  I didn't speak with my actions.  Now... I live with that and regret that I didn't do something when I should have.  So I pray that in the future I will no longer be a coward that I will be strong and fight for what's right whether it's for me, my family or someone I don't even know.  Please Lord give me the strength to do what's right.