Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I "eed" You!

Today......   Went to bed a little late (only because I can for a few more weeks...boo), youngest woke up when the Mr. left for work at 4 AM!  When I went in to soothe her, she was on the floor. Ooops.  Guess she fell out of her toddler bed.  Bad Mom.  I scooped her back up, gently placed her back in bed with her blankets and bear named Triangle. (She had mad naming skills. )  :)  Finally fell back asleep and she woke me up again at 8 with an "I eed you".  Again.... don't know what that means, but the two cutest girls jumped in bed with me.  :)  Only for a few moments because snuggling to them is climbing all over me, feet in face or stomach.  Not.so.fun. for momma.
We had a pretty good day.  I cleaned the bathrooms....... always fun. Then, we played outside for a little bit until our Grandma B. arrived!  The girls are super excited.  She's giving me time the next few days to get in my classroom.
Our gym started Insanity.  It's such a GREAT workout!  I'm like DRENCHED in sweat after the warm-up!  It's only offered two days a week, but I'm loving it!  My girls ask why I like it and all I can say is, "I'm insane". hahaha  They just chuckle at that response. But SERIOUSLY it's an AMAZING workout.  I wish they offered more than two days a week. 
Not really sure that the workout worked since we went to Fricker's for dinner with Grandma B.  I mean... Kids Eat Free all day, everyday and with three little ladies, who can pass that up?!?!?!  Also... tonight was 40 cent wing night.  YUM! 
This was a little random, but random can be good.  :)

From our BROWN eyes to yours.....


  1. I did my 20th gabby workout today. Exciting. i don't think I felt so good before :)

  2. Yes! Random is good too! :0)

    Enjoying reading your posts from way back here!

  3. Yes! Random is good too! :0)

    Enjoying reading your posts from way back here!