Sunday, August 11, 2013

Half Birthday Celebration!

I'm sure you're all thinking.... there she goes again, starting something and not finishing.  I promise that's not the case.  We've had a pretty crazy last few weeks.  Festival, classroom, anniversary.  Yes!  It was our 10 year anniversary!!!!  I'm saving that for another post but I thought I would leave you tonight with our oldest's half birthday pictures!

Today... she turned 7 1/2.  So great and sad all in the same moment.  I love that girl a TON as I do all my little ladies.  Our middle will also celebrate her 1/2 birthday in 2 weeks as well as a 3rd birthday for our youngest.  Does it ever slow down?!

We always celebrate 1/2 birthdays, just not as big as birthdays.  Today our oldest chose Bagel Bites for dinner and Root Beer Floats for her dessert.  We also sang, "Happy Half Birthday". 

After we finished celebrating the girls and I did a little "Magic Science".  We made a Crystal Ball in a test tube.  LOVED it!

 Here's to Half Birthdays!!!!!!

From our Brown eyes to yours....

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