Thursday, June 19, 2014

Celebrity in the Family!

Our local teacher free store, Crayons to Computers

C2C Logo

asked our principal a few months ago for a few kiddos to be photographed.  Of course I told her sure, she could use our daughter.  :)  Then, she appeared in the C2C newsletter and I thought... Awesome!  (Actually, I was like.. whew.. she matched that day and did I brush her hair?  BAM! Score one for Mama!) 

To our surprise though, it just kept getting better.  Popping up at all our area Kroger stores are these super cute displays.  :)

We are all so, so, so proud of her.  Amelia said, "Mama, am I famous?"  And of course my reply is, "Yes you are." 

From our Brown eyes to yours...

Monday, June 2, 2014

FREEBIE!!!! Rewards for Children

Summer is upon us and that means I go from being a full time working mama to a.... full time (working) mama.  The only difference is now I can devote all time and energy to three little ladies instead of 73 ladies and gentlemen.  :)  Do not be fooled into thinking this job is any easier than when I'm teaching.  Sometimes it is even MORE exhausting than working during the school year.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these three little ladies, but WHEW... they can be a handful. 

In order to help myself out this summer, we are starting a Rewards, punch card system.  I have made cards that look like this to ensure our successful, less stressful summer.  :)

This is just one of the cards we will be using. Once the girls have earned all 18 punches they will get to choose a reward from a list that they've come up with.  Then, we will start a new card.  So, so, so excited for this!  This morning our two youngest were up, dressed, teeth brushed and room cleaned by 6:30 am!!!!!  All to earn 1 punch! :)  SUCCESS! 

I'm thinking about printing them on cardstock and using a hold puncher, but you could print them on regular paper and have your little color in the circles.  Good practice for our 3 year old. You could also laminate them. :)

If you want to grab a copy to help keep your sanity, click on the picture below!  If you have any ideas or suggestions, I will take them for sure!!!!!

Wishing you a summer of rewards!

From our BROWN eyes to yours.......