Thursday, June 19, 2014

Celebrity in the Family!

Our local teacher free store, Crayons to Computers

C2C Logo

asked our principal a few months ago for a few kiddos to be photographed.  Of course I told her sure, she could use our daughter.  :)  Then, she appeared in the C2C newsletter and I thought... Awesome!  (Actually, I was like.. whew.. she matched that day and did I brush her hair?  BAM! Score one for Mama!) 

To our surprise though, it just kept getting better.  Popping up at all our area Kroger stores are these super cute displays.  :)

We are all so, so, so proud of her.  Amelia said, "Mama, am I famous?"  And of course my reply is, "Yes you are." 

From our Brown eyes to yours...

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