Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Little Catch UP... As Always

It's so hard keeping up with everything.  I'm trying, really I am, but I'm a slave to other things right now. 

February is a BIG month for us!  2 birthdays and one 1/2 birthday!  :)  Other than that, I had two conference nights at school, swim lessons, a party for school, preschool, a 2nd lost tooth and the list goes on and on.  But I do know that the Lord would not give me more than I can handle and at this time..... this is all I can handle.  :)

  Our Birthday Girls...


 What does a fox say????!!!!!!????
 Our new pet.

  She wanted no icing... just like her mama.  :)

 My sweet now 6 YEAR OLD!

At some point, I will share their stories of coming into this world, but right now... a stack of books are calling my name because they need to be graded. 
Only what I can handle, right?!?  :)

From our BROWN eyes to yours...