Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mommy and Daughter Dates

This past week I spent a little, well deserved, alone time with each of our brown-eyed girls!  Normally, it's me and the girls from the time they wake up until the time their little brown eyes close.  (I can hear someone up right now...)  :)  So I told my hubs that this week, I wanted to spend a little alone time with each little one.  I wish I had pictures of our dates, but my camera on my phone has stopped working.....  that's a story for a different day.  So I'll include some fun pics we've taken over the last week. 
I let each girl choose what day they wanted to go out and what they wanted to do.  Our middle went first which great for her.  We went swimming and got ice cream.  Then, when we got home we snuggled a little and she "showed" me how to play Temple Run.  :)  Our date was great but for daddy.  Our youngest was not happy I was leaving without her and she threw up 6 times when I left.  oops!  Sorry Daddy!
Snoopy's Splash Dance
Our oldest went next.  She chose to go shopping.  I said, "what?"  That's what she wanted to do.  So... that's what we did.  A trip to Half Price Books, Pet Smart, Justice, Michael's, Target and McDonald's for caramel sundaes! :) 
The fruits of our labor!  150 pieces later.  :)
Finally our youngest just ran an errand with me.  We went to JoAnn's and then Pet Smart.  She had so much fun looking at all the pets!  We laughed and laughed at a few of those fellows.  They were so lively! 

Trying on hats!

It was funny that the two oldest (our youngest is almost three so she just isn't there yet) said it was so quiet in the swagger wagon.  Our oldest was just like.... "It's just so quiet with you and I.  Usually it's so talky."  :)  Each of them enjoyed our time alone and so did I!  It was so nice to be focused just on one child versus being pulled in three directions.  It was also nice to not feel like a bobble head looking around and counting to three constantly.  :)  So, I need to keep doing this.  Taking time to focus on each child one-on-one because that time is so meaningful.  Our two oldest ladies asked me when our next dates are because they can't wait!  Me either...

From our BROWN eyes to yours.....

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