Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Childlike Faith

This week our oldest is going to a CFP class (Christian Formation).  Each morning they are having a prayer service that parents are allowed to attend.  It was really sweet.  At one moment, I found myself with tears in my eyes when they were singing "Christ Be Our Light".  My youngest put her hands in the air and was waving them with the music.  It was just the sweetest thing.  She was singing (her own words) and just had the childlike faith that the Lord wants us all to have. 
Each night we've also been reading Heaven is For Real
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Have you read it?  I am reading it with all our girls although our oldest seems to be the most interested.  Back story.... When my grandma passed away in March, I didn't know how or what I would say to our girls.  So I went to the Family Christian Bookstore and they suggested a few books.  Heaven is for Real for Kids
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is one of the books she suggested.  It was PERFECT for my little ones.  It is about Colton Burpo, a child who went to heaven when he was dangerously sick with a burst appendix.  The way the book is written is VERY child friendly and gives children a view into heaven from a child who has been there.  Our oldest immediately wanted to read Heaven is For Real.  I have been enjoying it just as much as she has.  Anyway... we are on a chapter where they talk about how Jesus REALLY loves children. Colton keeps repeating this and his father who is a pastor, talks about how Jesus wants us to have a childlike faith.  When watching our youngest at this prayer service, I saw it.  There was no, "What is everyone else doing? What if someone sees me?"  She was just in the moment of praying through song.  It was beautiful.  And I only hope that I can loose myself a little and love and pray with a childlike faith.

From our BROWN eyes to yours,

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