Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Happiness Dare

Today, I took the Happiness Dare.  Not alone, but with my sisters, friend, and mom.  We are committing to try to find a whole lot of happy in our lives.  All-in-all I'm a pretty happy/positive person.  My glass is half full about 98% of the time.  BUUUUUUTTTTTTT....... There were times when that glass was not even near half full.  And.... it's ok.
It was so nice to be with all of them in a circle that was open, honest, and trusting.  We laughed, cried, shared.  It's going to be a journey.  A journey that we'll go on together and I love that I'll be travelling this road with these ladies.

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  1. Oh, I want to know more! I'll be checking this out. I find that I can sometimes get too focused on the things that bug me. I love that you have a community where you can explore this together!

  2. What a wonderful dare!
    Sounds like a great group!
    What a blessing!