Monday, March 20, 2017


I don't understand addiction.  Here are my two addictions:
1.  gum (Extra Sugarless Watermelon)
2.  exercising (it used to be running until my knee just went... I don't want to run anymore).
I have never drank in my life, never smoked, done drugs, nothing.  I'm not sure how to understand it or comprehend it.  I don't know why it makes people do what they do.  Here is why this is coming up.  Today, after school one of our firsties was to be picked up.  But...... we could not let him go.  Not to the one there to get him.  Because even though he is a newer firstie to us, we still love him. We want to protect him.  It's our job to do that.  I just don't understand addiction.


  1. Awww, addiction hurts so many! Your post was thoughtful, and I don't understand them either!

  2. Oh so hard on little ones. Addition is a hard thing and so many struggle with it. It is hard on so many families! I hope your little one is safe.

  3. Ugh, so true!! It is so hard to send the kids to home lives that are not great. It's hard to comprehend how addiction can overcome their children.