Monday, May 8, 2017

May's Daily Gifts

Today... coming home to cold, waking up because I had to, and going back to work made life a little bit trickier today.  But there was still a LOT of goodness in this crazy day!

1...  First graders who were worried because I wasn't at school for 2 days.
2...  Hugs from firsties who genuinely missed me. :)
3...  Bathing suit lines that remind me of the warmth and light He gave us while in Florida.
4...  A smile from my firstie Birthday Buddy.  I gave her a shell that I found on the beach for her.  That smile is just priceless.
5...  A conversation with Bridgette about how much we love each other.  She also put her heart (made with her sweet little hands) into my heart by pressing that heart onto my chest and then she asked me to do the same to her.  Sweet, sweet girl.

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