Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May's Daily Gifts

So much to be thankful for today....

One....  One of my firsties got up as I was talking/teaching the class and hugged me.  Normally I would have said something to her, but..... it was just at the right time.  What I needed.  So sweet.

Two.... My girls over and over saying they are going to miss me because I'm headed out of town tonight for my birthday.

Three....  Sweet co-workers.  They celebrated my me today at lunch.  It was amazing!!!!  So many great things to eat AND they gave me 40 things I love for turning..... 40. :(

Four....  A little church in my car.  I started the day praying the rosary.  Then finished up the drive by rocking out to a little K-Love!

Five.... A birthday sign and a little card from my little ladies!  I just love them bunches!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!
    How wonderful that your day was filled with celebrations!
    You are precious to so many, and especially Him.