Sunday, May 14, 2017

May's Daily Gifts

The end of my week turned into a lot of craziness.  Waking up early and being gone all day, literally all day.  Like returning at 10 pm late.  So my gifts have been many over the last three days.  I know I can't remember them all, I should have written them down.  Here are just a few.....

1.  oxygen... I know I take it for granted, but everyday I wake up and take a deep breath in, thanking the Lord that He allowed me to continue living out the story He has planned for me.

2. family...  My mother-in-law came for a visit.  We haven't seen her in awhile due to scheduling conflicts, but visiting and catching up has been nice.  My husband and I actually got to go to Lowe's BY OURSELVES to get a lawn mower. :)

3.  challenger league...  This is a league in our city that is for children with special needs.  My daughter's team sponsored a team of special needs kiddos.  It was beautiful to watch these kids be so happy and excited.  What was even more rewarding was hearing two of my girls ask if we could come every week and watch them. My heart was bursting.

4.  ice cream...  I don't even think I need to explain this.

5.  conversation... Conversations with family, friends, children.  I am so blessed to have people to chat with.

6.  morning, weekend workouts...  I didn't workout at all last week because of our schedule and I had another kidney stone, so I didn't want to knock anything loose, so I'm back!  My body and mind missed it.

7.  sun...  I'm forever thankful for this bright, shining star.  It makes me happy to see it's light, especially after a long winter.  The warmth of the sun is something I soak in daily.  I love to close my eyes and take it in.

8.  freshly cut grass...  Our grass was so long because our starter for our mower snapped last week.  Those rows are so pretty and green. Winter is almost forgotten.

9.  pizza... I think we had pizza every day this weekend.  All those ingredients that come from the earth, harmoniously working together in one dish.  I could eat pizza everyday.  Today we went to Two Cities Pizza.  If you are ever in Mason, this place is worth the wait. You have your choice between New York and Chicago Style pizza.  I LOVE the Chicago style.
Yes my friends, that is bacon.  They did not hold back when putting that on my pizza today.  I will be dreaming of this place every night.  Come to Mason and head to Two Cities Pizza!

10.  these girls...

I hope you were blessed on this Mother's Day with LOTS of gifts from the Lord. He is so, so kind and loving.  He learned from His Mother.

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  1. Oh Maria,

    I so enjoyed reading your post.

    You are full of sunshine!

    Love the comments you make (like the ice cream).

    Love how you reflect on God's love and goodness.

    I wish I could drop by for some pizza and talk more about all of this good stuff!