Monday, May 1, 2017

May's Daily Gifts

When my sweet Canadian friend, Loralee from This and That,  asked me if I wanted to blog with her everyday in May, my answer was an ecstatic... YES, YES, YES!!!!!  I LOVE the idea of writing everyday and it's even better when it's with a friend. So in the month of May we are going to blog about our gifts from the Lord.  They may be small, maybe big, but all our gifts from Him.

Today my gifts are:
1. Our youngest who chose to read Bible Stories tonight before bed.
2. Teaching our girls to have foot wars. A favorite of mine and my sisters growing up.
3.  First graders who lose their teeth at home.  Phew!  I dodged a few of those bullets this weekend, thank you parents!
4. A morning chat with my sister. Even though it was quick, I love our little catch up sessions.
5. A text from my friends saying they are having lunch for me on Wednesday since I won't be at school on my birthday.

I am so blessed.


  1. I so loved reading about your blessings today! Heartwarming!

    I am wondering what foot wars are!

    Thank you for doing this with me, Friend! xoxo

  2. I.Love.This! I'll be checking in to see what is on your mind! Um. Number 3. It's time to confess-loose teeth give me the heebies. What a great idea!