Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Puppy Love...

Today we were able to get outside after dinner for walk.  Well... I walked and my girls rode their bikes. :)

While we were outside, our neighbor brought his dog outside named Samson. I have to admit that I am not a pet person.  I think dogs, cats and other animals that are kept as pets are adorable, but they are not for me.  We did not have pets while growing up since our house was full of kids. Maybe that's why I don't feel the connection to these animals, but our oldest does.  She adores this guy.  They are buddies.  And it's weird.  He knows her.  I mean like really knows her.  When he comes out, she says, "Sit!" and he sits.  He's calm with her and listens to her commands.  Our neighbor has let her start to walk him and she's in heaven!  But, he just told us last week they are moving. :(  I'm sad because they are great neighbors, but now, seeing Sici with Samson, my heart is breaking for her.  She cried herself to sleep the day we told her they were moving.  Actually, all three of our girls cried their eyes out. Sici and Samson have such a special bond and I never really understood that bond so much until now.  Today he came out to go "potty" and instead of taking care of business, he rolled over so Sici could rub his belly. He's so smart, he tricked his owner into bringing him out.  He didn't have to go to the bathroom, he just wanted to see Sici.  I'm starting to get it, but no.... we will not be getting a pet in the near future..... or ever!  :) hahahaha  


  1. That was a terrific way for your daughter to bond with a pet and learn some responsibility while not having the commitment of a pet yourselves. Maybe she can start a pet walking business in the neighborhood and meet some new "fur friends".

  2. Are you sure?
    Goldens are heart-stealers! :0)