Monday, January 6, 2014

Warning... Picture Overload!

Friends... Thanks so much for sticking with me.  I know I have been MIA this last month but for good reasons and some reasons. 

Our month started dealing with a NASTY four letter word.  It is my #2 worst fear.  Our middle had lice.  She brought those "friends" home from school and all I can say is UGH!  I spent WAY too many hours to count checking, rechecking, treating, retreating, agonizing, coaching, teaching, probably preaching, stripping beds, boiling hairbrushes, drying on HIGH HEAT stuffed animals.  It was a nightmare, but we made it.  As a parent that is a teacher, I now understand why some of my kiddos are out for more than a week when they get those little boogers.  You have to check, like EVERY.SINGLE.STRAND. of hair and even then.... they still pop up even after you think you've nabbed them all.  Like I said, we survived and I am keeping on top of everyone. 

So.. on to much better things.  Here is how we spent our last month.  :)

First we were joined by this guy... Louis Christmas. 

  Then, Louis came to visit after Louis broke his arm and headed to Elf North Hospital.  After a week stay, he was back again and those two were causing mischief. (see below)
 Art show at school for our oldest.

 The start of swimming lessons for the youngest. (well all three, but it was her fist lesson and I DIDN'T HAVE TO GET IN THE WATER!!!!)
Stockings were hung......

Tree was decorated.  :)

Celebrated 40 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!! Rock on Mom and Dad!

We received letters, a picture, and reindeer food from the big man!
Opened presents from Grandma and Uncle Craig.

 Played in the sand....

  Made a "snowman" in the sand.

 Swam in the pool with our cousin who visited with his momma.

  Saw lots of "nature". 

 Many beautiful sunsets.  (ps.. this photo was not taken by me.  It was taken by my 5 year old.  Does she have a future in photography?)

  Jumped off the plank at the Pirate Ship Playground.  I also got ATE UP there.  Sneaky bugs.
 Celebrated the birth of Jesus in our pretty red dresses grandma made for us!
  Left cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.  We also left bunny milk for him.  He gave it two thumbs up!

 Santa brought these two rascals.

 The cutest banker ever!

We played LOTS of games.  At least one every night.  Daddy however, is the all time winner at Monopoloy.  NO ONE could beat him.  (He also knows how to put a trance on 7 year old girls who love money, even if it's fake.)  :)
  We drove home.
To this......

Thanks for sticking with me through this long... post!
From our BROWN eyes to yours..... 


  1. Love all the pictures. The beach looks relaxing!

  2. So much to celebrate (except the lice)! Enjoyed all of it!

    PS Isn't it amazing how even the hairs of our head have all been counted by God?