Friday, January 31, 2014

Sick Kids...

Sick kids are NO FUN at all!  It's no fault of their own, but having sick kiddos puts strain on EVERYONE! Then add a snow day in on top of it!  UGH! 

Last week the stomach bug decided to bite our little ladies.  It started with our youngest who decided to toss her cookies on Thursday at 4:50 am!!!!  Thankfully, we were already off school for that day or that would have been a MESS.  Trying to throw together last minute plans, trying to get my other two ladies to school.  As I said, thankfully we were already off so that saved a sick day.  She didn't vomit anymore throughout the day, so we were lucky.  It's hard to keep a 3 year old down.  :)

Then came Thursday night....... I had just gone to bed around 11.  At 11:45 our middle woke up and had to go to the bathroom.  So I got her tucked back in and she asked me to sleep with her.  Well, that wasn't happening because I had to go to work on Friday and I had Active Shooter Training in the morning.  Well.... at 12:10 she began tossing her cookies in.her.bed.  Which did I mention was on the TOP BUNK?!  So I stripped the bed, gave her a shower, set her up with the "Puke Bucket" and lots of towels surrounding her.  :) This poor lady was put through the ringer. She threw up for 7 hours, every 20 minutes (sometimes 10)!!!!  After about 4 hours, I called our doctor who said we needed to ride it out.  BOO! 

Here is the whole point to this post.  Here's a picture of our "Puke Bucket". 

I L.O.V.E. the bucket!  Our oldest two are awesome at using this guy (when they aren't stuck on the top bunk). :)  So here's what I do.  I take one of the bagillion plastic bags we have in our closet and put it in the bucket.  When our middle was vomiting so often I double bagged it.  Then, after our kiddo is finished, I just take the bag, tie it and throw it in the trash.  VOILA!  This means I'm not spending time washing and drying the bucket each time.  :) 

I hope this makes the next time your little gets the "pukies" (what our youngest calls it) you can spend time comforting your baby instead of cleaning the "Puke Bucket".  :) Oh, and yes.... we were called to get our oldest from school as she was also bitten by the Puke Bug.  YUCK!

From our BROWN eyes to yours...

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