Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cold, Cold, GO AWAY!!!

So... sitting here for our second snow day this week!  I know this is probably a teacher sin, but I'm tired of being off!  I want normalcy. I want to see my little firsties and teach them because we are losing out on lots of time!  Ready to have everyone back on a schedule!

With all this extra time off, I've been able to have a little fun with the girls.

I bought this sweet guy at Sam's for $24.99 which is a steal compared to the prices at Michael's and Joann's.
 I bought him to organize this.....

It's kind of like the dumping grounds of EVERYTHING! So I spent one snow day organizing. I mean ONE.WHOLE.DAY. That's how long it took.  But it turned out like this...
Not perfect, but better. Actually, it's MUCH better for me. I may actually start working at this desk instead of plopping my bottom on the floor or couch.  :)

Before the snow day, we had visited the dentist.  Two-fourths of us had no problems.  One has a hole between her teeth from a cavity, so I'm watching her like a hawk! I have a few little ones starting because the sealants I had put on when I was 12 (Thanks mom and dad!) have finally started cracking.  I guess they got their moneys worth! :)

First visit!!! She was perfect!

We love our hygienist.  She's the best!  She said she's been doing this for 33 years which makes sense.  We were probably one of her first families because I was 3 when she started.  :)  We LOVE her!  

On our other snow days, we played Monopoly (I lost), Uno (I lost), made items with duct tape, our youngest did "homework" to get ready for preschool, had "snow"nuts for breakfast (which shortly after our youngest threw up), had fun with duct tape, and.... that's about it.  :) Here are a few pictures of the fun.

I lost to a 5 year old!

Sick-ish baby.  Thank goodness for the frigid temperature day off because this little tossed her cookies at 4:50 a.m.!


From our BROWN eyes to yours....

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