Monday, September 2, 2013

So Many Things to Share....

I'm going to rewind back to August 9th.  That was the day the hubby and I got married 10 years ago.  I can't believe it's been 10 years either.  So this was the year of tin/aluminum according to the Internet where everything published is the truth, right?!  :)
So this is what I got my hubby...

I know... just what he wanted... a photo shoot!  I can read him like a book.  hehe I thought it would be fun to have our 10 year pictures taken without screaming, crying, whining, beautiful children in the background.  It was just him and I and our photographer.  We weren't able to take tons of pictures because it was raining.  Funny thing is it rained on our wedding day 10 years ago, too!  :)  Good luck I think!  After the photo shoot we ate at Montgomery Inn!  It was YUMMY!!!!  I had the same old ribs and chicken with Saratoga chips and that delectable warm bbq sauce.  We ate there on our first anniversary too!  :)  On our first anniversary our server brought us a bowl of applesauce with a candle.  It was so sweet and memorable.....for me.  The hubby remembers hardly anything.  :)

Then, on the actual day of our anniversary I gave the hubby this
So I know I have a little 'splainin' to do.  :)  Hugs and kisses... obvious right?  A&W was aluminum.  And then there's the tin box.  Ok... mom, mom l., and like everyone turn away now or skip to the bottom. 

I read a wonderful post here.  You should do the same, like right now.  Yes, right now... then come back.  Ok.  So it's about how a mom and dad used to put a dollar in a metal box each time they.... had fun. (wink, wink) It's a really beautiful story, so I decided to copy, but instead used the tin aspect for our 10 year.  I thought it would add a little fun to our relationship and in the end, we will hopefully end up with a really cool 20 year!  :)

Then, the hubby surprised me with tickets to the REDS GAME!!!!  It was...... AWESOME!  We also got this
Isn't that amazing?!?!?  They will give you certificates for 1st game, foul ball, anniversary, etc.  The hubby wanted to get this and I'm so happy we did.  It meant so much!  While we were at the game, we saw our doctor on the KISS CAM!  How funny is that?!?!?! 

I have lots more to share about our lives this past month, but they will have to wait since I have to get up and go to work tomorrow and educate 80 beautiful little firsties.  :)  They are counting on me and I'm counting on getting some z's.  :) 

Tomorrow is the hubby's 40th!  What?!?!?!  Happy birthday, honey!!!!  I luh, luh, luh, luh, love you!

From our BROWN eyes to yours.....

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  1. Sweet photos! Sounds like it was a perfect celebration!