Wednesday, September 4, 2013


No, we are not pregnant. hahaha  Our oldest lost her FIRST.TOOTH.EVER!!!!!!!!!  She's 7, in second grade and has friends who have lost every tooth possible and are living off their millions!
Here's a little part of our conversation...

Oldest:  "I'm so excited for the tooth fairy to come!"
Me:  "I am too!!!"
Oldest:  "What if I get like 16 or 20 dollars?"
Me:  "Then I'm pulling out ALL my teeth and giving them to the tooth fairy!"
Oldest: "Can I take a day off school tomorrow for a celebration?"
Me: "WHAT?!?"
Oldest:  "Well... my friend says she takes a day for a celebration when it's her birthday."
Me:  "Really?  Well.. I'm your mom and I said... No."  :)

So here's to losing our first tooth!  I thank the Lord it happened at the sitter because I don't do teeth.  I will clean up vomit, snot, and wipe lots of yucky bottoms, but teeth????? those guys give me the HEEBIE JEEBIES!!!!  Yes.. we had to take a picture because the tooth fairy left us a letter and she HAS to take all the teeth to put in her tooth bank, so sorry you can't keep them. Not even your very first tooth.  :)

Also... we now have loose (wink, wink) teeth in ALL of our girls.
So here's the girl with one less tooth... well, I guess that's not absolutely true because her big tooth had already come in behind.  Man... we are in for BIG orthodontist bills. 

From our BROWN eyes to yours....

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  1. She is soooo cute!

    I laughed out loud reading the conversation!

    Since this post, there have been a few more I'm sure!