Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dear Grandma,

I miss you.  I miss you LOTS.  I miss seeing your smile and hearing your laugh.  I miss you asking for my girls for koosies.  I miss holding your hand.  I miss watching Lucy and hearing you laugh.  I miss strawberries soaked in sugar (mmmmmm...) and then poured on top of ice cream.  I miss taking you grocery shopping.  I miss spending the night with you.  I miss you.  I miss your big brown eyes.  I miss your soft skin.  I miss how you would refuse a snack or piece of candy, but eat it anyway.  :)  I miss you.  I miss taking you out to eat.  I miss watching you sword fight with my girls.  I miss when you would sing.  I miss your hamburgers and tapioca pudding.  I miss you.  I miss how you would talk about grandpa.  I miss how trusting you were of the people where you lived.  I miss you.  I miss holding your hand when we fell asleep.  I miss how you would say, "Excuse my back" when you turned over.  I miss your hugs.  I miss your kisses.  I miss you.  I miss how faithful you were to the Lord.  I miss hearing you say, "I love you."  I miss how you loved all of us despite all our inadequacies.  I miss seeing you feed the stray cats.  I miss your rocking chair.  I miss your waves as we would leave the nursing home.  I miss seeing you stand at the window watching for us.  I miss you.  I miss you blowing kisses to us.  I miss playing pokeno with you.  I miss you asking to keep my girls with you.  I miss you. 
I know you are with your hubby, your son, your mom and dad, your granddaughter, other family members and the Lord, but I MISS YOU!

From my weepy BROWN eyes to yours....

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  1. Tears.
    So tender and moving.
    Your Grandma was precious.