Tuesday, July 26, 2016



I walked into school on a HOT Sunday afternoon.  The building was sweltering as it is not air conditioned and has been closed up for the summer.  I reached out and put my key in the keyhole.  I turned it, wiggled it, and tried to turn it again.  Success!  My hand then moved to the knob.  I slowly turned the knob and opened up the door.

RELIEF!!!!!  My classroom was set up how I asked them to set it up. Now the real work can begin.


  1. thats so awesome..... no one was going to do it for me :( ... even though the janitors were supposed to help me.

  2. Love how you wrote this post! I know that feeling of going back to the classroom the first time!

    I often think how when we get to slow down a bit, our custodians are gearing up for their biggest days (and in the heat)! So appreciate how everything is shining in September! I, too, love how they have everything in place. They ask us to leave classroom maps for them.