Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blessed Life

Write. Share. Give.
Lately I've been busy with these three little ladies. 

Our life is a crazy, busy life, but it's a great one!  We have three very healthy little ladies and we are blessed that we are busy. 

What are some of your greatest blessings?  I can't wait to read about them!


  1. Yes, indeed, blessed! I love summers for slowing down life with my two girls. They amaze me every day. And, yes, I am blessed too! Enjoy your sweet and silly blessings!

  2. Blessings include my family, friends (including the commenter, Michelle, above! how fun!). Our house is cozy and welcoming and filled with teens this summer (and too quiet at times).
    Counting blessings is a great habit.

  3. Sweet photos of your beautiful girls!