Tuesday, April 5, 2016



Through the March Slice of Life challenge, I was able to become great friends with Loralee from This and That .  As I was reading through her SOL from last year, she posted about her son and how he lost his jersey.  They looked for an hour and he finally found it in his drawer. hahaha

This sparked a memory of mine from when I played volleyball in high school.  I'm not sure how many of you play/played sports, but I was into sports from a very young age.  I was stared out in t-ball when I was 5 or 6.  I played for BJ Bears. hahaha  I wish I had my picture online to show you.  I was hooked from then on.  Once I entered 3rd grade, I was able to play basketball, volleyball, and softball.  Volleyball was my favorite. I still love it a lot even though I don't get to play very often.  Anyhoo....

When I was a senior in high school, our number one goal was to win league.  We worked hard. My friend and I used to stay 2 hours after practice just keep working on our skills.  Our coach would kick us out at 11 pm saying, "I have a husband at home". haha Sorry Coach (who I now teach with).  Once the season started, we started winning, and winning and winning.  I was always superstitious, but when you're winning, you become even more superstitious. To the point of..... I got mad at my mom for sewing my knee pad that had a hole in it! She was just trying to be nice.

Back to the uniform that struck this memory.  Because we were winning, when my mom would wash my uniform, she had to hang it up in the same order each time.  I mean the EXACT. SAME. ORDER. I think it was knee pads, bra, shirt, buns (yes.. we wore buns, yikes!). My mom was so sweet to live with my craziness. But... it worked.  For awhile anyway.  We were 9-0 before we lost our first game.  And when the season ended, we were 19-2.  It was an amazing season, but I just wish we would have made our goal to win sectionals or something like that so our season wouldn't have ended. :)  I'll know better when we set goals when I coach.

I still have a few superstitions, but not nearly as bad, when I run in races.  I don't run to win, I run because I love to run, but I'm still superstitious.

Do you have any superstitions?

From my Brown eyes to yours.....


  1. Hi Maria!

    It is so neat that my story brought back a memory!

    I enjoyed reading about your volleyball routines! And what determination!

    I can't think if I have any...

    Sometimes I resort to thoughts of "jinx jinx jinx" in my head like a school girl when I am watching the kids in big games and the other team is serving! :0)

  2. Love reading this slice. What fun that your mom was willing to go along and hang the uniform in the exact same order! I ended up here because of Loralee's post. I love it when another post triggers our own writing.

    1. Hi Ramona!!! Thanks so much for visiting! I love when we can be inspired by others too! I hope you'll come back often! I'm off to check your blog out! :)