Sunday, April 17, 2016

Photo Dump

Well... spring and maybe a little summer is in the air!  I'm loving it!  Unfortunately, this means less time on the computer because we have softball, swimming, school, church group, and choir.  Well... choir is now over until next school year, so one less thing to run to.  But it's like every night there is something.  I know we chose it, but whew.... I'm a little tuckered out by all of it.  I do miss anyone who reads this little blog of mine.

Our weekend started with a visit to Kings Island.  Our girls LOVE this place.  Even more so now because two of them got new wristbands which open up more rides for them!  This is not good for me since after I get off of them I feel like I have shaken adult syndrome.  I had to go to bed when we got home because my head hurt so bad. I'm so old!

This past week our middle daughter also had first communion pictures. 

She is so beautiful and I'm so excited for her!  She can't wait for this step in her faith journey.
The last picture is what we were doing while waiting for the group shot! hahaha

Our girls also had their last choir performance in church today.  The voices of these children in church is just so sweet and magical.  My mom always told me "He who sings prays twice".  I can't wait for our youngest to start singing in the choir. She needs all the prayers she can get! haha
 She has two more years until that time. :)

Well... that's about all I have for right now.  I guess it wasn't really a photo dump, but I thought more pictures transferred from my phone. Oh well.... until next time my friends....

From my Brown eyes to yours...

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  1. Always enjoy seeing your photos!
    What a great shot of her sweet and funny face in the moment!

    I know what you mean about rides. I just think about them and I feel nauseous now!