Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sister Love....

One of my 5 sisters is getting ready to have her first baby.  In anticipation of her little bundle of joy, the boys had a Diapers and Drafts shower!  Man... times have changed!  I wish I would have had one of those, minus the Drafts.  I wish I would have kept track of how many diapers I used/changed for each of my little ladies.  That would probably have been an astronomical number I tell you.  Anyway.... my nephew and his girly friend said they would babysit all the kids so the MOM'S could go out to dinner!!!  You read that right, it was just the MOM's!!!!!  It was an amazing night out!!!  I had SO much fun!  We talked, laughed, talked, ate, laughed, talked and laughed some more to the point of tears!  It was so nice to be out with my sisters and to not have someone ask me to go to the bathroom 50 times or tell me they hate the food or start arguing with their sister OR spill something.
We were at the restaurant for 2+ hours when I had to be the party pooper because my girls had to get up early to sing at church and go to Sunday School.

I'm hoping we get more nights like this.....

I just love these girls so much!  All of them add joy to my life.  Their kids add joy to our lives.  It's amazing how we've all grown.  I can remember playing with them at home, dancing, singing, and chasing each other around the house, especially when we were mad at one another.  Those memories seem so distant now that we are grown, but I still hold all of them close to my heart.  Until next time!

This verse from Sirach is how I feel about my sisters and many of my friends.  My parents gifted me with the love and friendship of 5 great women (and one brother!). I'm blessed and thankful everyday for each one of them.  Click on the verse to print it out for yourself!  I have given this verse as gift to friends and it prints very well as a 5x7 picture. :)  When was the last time you hung out with your family?  What did you do?

From our Brown eyes to yours...


  1. I hung out with my family Friday night. And we had a cousin/aunts/sisters dinner out in January. It was so much fun. Those nights are so important to me. So good for the soul to connect as family and friends. I hope you get to have more nights like this one.

  2. Loved seeing the photo of you and your sisters!

    I have one sister (and a sister in heaven). My parents had a baby between us. She passed away at three months.

    My parents have us over for supper every Wednesday evening...Sunday after church dinners too.