Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Catch up

So we've been busy.  I know, I know.  By the time I think about blogging, my eyes are shut and I wake up at 2:30 AM on the couch!  ugh!  So while I should be entering grades right now, I'm catching up on this little old blog. :) 
Here's a few things we've been doing. 

Picking the *PERFECT* pumpkins at Nee Nee's pumpkin farm in Indiana.  I can't remember the name of the place.  :)

Campfire at Nee Nee's
Pictures before Cousin Laura's wedding.

Pictures at the wedding.  I couldn't catch our oldest, she was ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE. Everyone had an amazing time.  They had a photo booth and we came home with about 12 of those little strips.  What a fun idea!

And big sister helping little sister with homework.  My heart sighs.  Hope this continues. 
So... we've been busy which means a little less blogging.  I never imagined how having three kiddos would multiply business by like a thousand times.  Also, having two ladies in school makes life a little bit crazier as well.  Second grade... WHEW... need I say more?  The reading, the review sheets, the reading, the math fact practice, the reading.  Now, I am a firm believer in reading (I mean.. I teach, right?!) but how on earth can I log every second my oldest reads when she reads all.the.time.  That's not an understatement.  I mean the girl is ALWAYS carrying a book or magazine of some sort, reading.  :)  It makes my heart sing, but I just can't log every minute.  We do the best we can. :)
Tomorrow night is Insanity night for us, I mean for me.  The girls LOVE going to the childcare center and playing while I'm getting my butt kicked and sweating in places I didn't know could produce sweat.  The great thing for me is tomorrow I will be doing Insanity in these new kicks!
  I'm so excited.  :) I used to wear Mizuno's when I played volleyball, but I've not tried them out as running/workout shoes.  They were so comfy when I slid my feet into them.  You know how you just put a shoe on and it's like the heaven's open up and sing?!?!?!  That's what happened in Dick's today. :)  So.... I skipped working out today (sssshhhhh) just so I could purchase these babies.  :)  Can't wait to wear them! 
From our BROWN eyes to yours.... 

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  1. It was fun catching up on moments from 2013 even now in 2016!