Friday, September 5, 2014

A little Random

This will be an all kids of random post. :)
This cutie turned four last Saturday (AAAHHH!!!) and started preschool this past Tuesday.  It's been a BIG week for us!  For her birthday all she wanted to do was Soak City, McDonald's and get a Speedy Freeze.  Check, check and check!
We went to Kings Island for Dollar Days on Monday (we were also there on Saturday, but stayed in the waterpark).  The fam enjoyed $1 blue ice cream while I road the Scrambler with a friend.  :)

 One random day the girls dressed alike and didn't even realize it, so I just had to take a picture of these twinies. :)

One of our last summer fun pool days. There weren't too many of these days this year, but we enjoyed and savored 

We celebrated two half birthdays this month.  We always have some sort of dessert and sing "Happy Half Birthday to You!"

Celebrating the 4 year old.

Basketball is also consuming our life. :)  She's loving it!

The Coke truck came to KI and we ALL got our names on Coke cans!

A visit to the aquarium!

The girls and "Mighty Mike". That guy is HUGE!!!!!!
Thanks for sticking with this "random" post! 
From our BROWN eyes to yours...


  1. I feel queasy just thinking about my Scrambler days!